Is this an emergency?

Emergency Examples:

  • Broken pipe(s) are flooding the premises.
  • The heating system is not functioning when it is cold outside.
  • The sewage system is backing up into the premises.
  • A defective lock lets anyone enter the premises without a key.
  • A short circuit in the wiring is creating a risk of fire and/or electrocution.

Non-Emergency Examples:

  • An interior door doesn't close properly.
  • A stove element is burnt out.
  • The kitchen sink has a slow drain.
  • Burnt out light bulbs
  • Cable and internet not working
  • Wobbly furniture or loose handles/knobs on doors

Maintenance Request Form

Maintenance Request Form

**Please be advised that requests of a non-emergency nature will be dealt with based on availability of  technicians / tradesman and is subject to approval from the landlord.

In the event of a fire or immediate threat, call emergency services 911

Or call our emergency phone at 905-321-1327